About Kismet PR

kis·met [kiz-mit] noun – fate; destiny

KismetPR develops and promotes your company’s voice, image, and purpose. Don’t leave your company’s success to chance. KismetPR will help you be the master of your business’ destiny.

Our philosophy is simple: Speak with purpose.

Plato once said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.” We couldn’t agree more. KismetPR is public relations with purpose. We carefully construct each message to be relevant to your target audience.

Your business value = actual quality + customer perception. KismetPR improves and enhances customer perception of your brand, thereby boosting your company’s value. We achieve this with creative and engaging content to draw in potential clients, markets, and the media. We share your company’s purpose with the world.

Our process is thorough: Reach within before outreach.

Our process always begins with comprehensive brand discovery. We ask the deep questions. We even ask the seemingly silly questions. We seek out your brand stakeholders and collect their opinions and insight. We get to know your company from the ground up. It is through this process that we can confidently craft your message. This message is the vehicle in which your brand will travel to your customers and beyond.

Our team:

Alexa Popplewell is the founder of KismetPR. Alexa has over a decade of relevant experience in marketing and public relations for several industries including real estate, health care, nonprofits, food service and retail. She has served clients in many capacities: as a corporate in-house marketing coordinator, as marketing director for an agency and as a principal at KismetPR. Alexa loves a great marketing puzzle and the process of putting all the pieces together. In her free time, Alexa enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and daughter (and her dog, too).

Insights from KismetPR

Our take on what's relevant in marketing and business.